NEWS - April, 2007

Election Results

The 2007 SEAPAX elections closed on March 31 with the following tallies. Please note that the position of Vice President is still open. If you would like to volunteer to fill that spot, please contact David Bane. As reported elsewhere, there are also opportunities to become part of SEAPAX's working committees, and the Grants Committee is actively seeking a chairperson.

Paulette Thompson 2
Jennifer Nicholas 1
David Bane 29
Vice President
Chad Wesen 1
Jennifer Samnick 1
Scott Ramos 1
Kelly Pursley 1
Ross Perot 1
Sean R. Murphy 1
Raj Joshi 1
Francesca Holme 2
Anne Branchfield 1
David Bane 1
Temma Pistrang 32
Dawn Kister 32
Membership Chair
Jen Nicholas 32
At Large 1
Joana Ramos 31
At Large 2
Jennifer Samnick 32
At Large 3
Scott Ramos 32


Committee News

Grants Committee

Since the start of the year, the Grants Committee has met once in person, and is holding ongoing e-discussions to finalize the instructions and process for groups wishing to apply for grants from SEAPAX. The committee is currently seeking a new chair, as Kelly Pursely has recently had to move away. Current members are Francesca Holme, Don Kramer, Joana Ramos and Jennifer Samnick. To join this committee, please contact Joana, and also indicate potential interest in serving as chair.

Membership Committee

Jennifer Nicholas has taken on heading up this committee and seeks the active participation of folks interested in building up our ranks. A membership drive is planned soon, as well as work on 30th birthday celebration for SEAPAX in conjunction with the Events Committee. All those interested, please contact Jen.

Events Committee

Plans are underway to establish a more formalized committee that will organize the various types of events that SEAPAX holds and/or plans to hold. This group will include the roles, per our by-laws, of: Social Events Coordinator, Service Events Coordinator and Speaker’s Bureau Coordinator. There may be interest in adding a Program Coordinator as well, to work on events that do not fall into any of the original categories. Current members of this new committee are: David Bane, Monica Lemoine, Jen Nicholas, and Jennifer Samnick, who urgently seek new folks to join in the fun. To sign up, please contact Jen or David.


Getting to know you/us

Did you know that among the SEAPAX membership, 92 countries were represented in Peace Corps service?

As SEAPAX grows, so too does our website. New features will be added in the coming months, and we want to start by recognizing the many good works that you our members are doing at home and abroad. We know that many of you participate in efforts to make our local and global communities a better place. Please send in the name(s) and URLs of organizations that you are involved with, in a work and/or volunteer capacity, along with your own name and PC country (or countries) and dates of services. To see an example of such a listing from another RPCV group, please visit the Our Members page on the website of the Columbia River group in Portland, OR.

Send your submissions to: Let us know also if you have photos of your PC site, country, region, etc. that you'd like to share.


Logo for SEAPAX

Attention creative SEAPAXers-- we are seeking a new logo to go with our new name. Please submit your design ideas to Jen Nicholas, the new Membership Chair. We hope to get multiple entries and may even make a logo contest to make it more fun; prize would be a year's free membership.


Map Quest

Did you create one or more maps for your work during Peace Corps service? If so, Chris Delcher (El Salvador 98-00) invites you to share copies of your work for an e-archive he is creating. Here is the message we received from Chris:

...trying to find the maps and mapmakers of the Peace Corps. Many Volunteers are trained to make community maps while in service. These maps range from the hand-drawn variety that live in tattered journals to very sophisticated maps created with digital Geographic Information Systems. [My] own hand-drawn maps focused on public health by displaying the problem of minimal latrine coverage in the town. But volunteers from all Peace Corps programs are using maps for many reasons.
No matter the size or sophistication, if you have a map (or even a picture of you next to a map that you have created) from your service or know an RPCV that does, please contact Chris at, or by snail-mail at: 2506 Foxberry Circle Richmond, VA 23235.

You can view the map Chris made and the other works in the collection so far at



SEAPAX not only has a new name this year, but is also celebrating the 30th anniversary of its founding as an RPCV group for Seattle. This milestone deserves a celebration!!! We need your ideas and participation to make it happen.Some ideas that have been mentioned already include having a birthday bash at our summer picnic in July; compiling a history from past documents to post on the website; writing about SEAPAX for electronic and print local media. The celebration could also be part of our membership recruitment efforts. To get involved, please contact Joana Ramos (one of the founders of the original RAVN group).


Best of the Web

Best of the Web is a feature of our newsletter and website listing resources for learning more about events, news, discussion, and organizations that share the international and multicultural interests of SEAPAX. We invite you to submit your favorites to share here. This month's listing highlights two sites that provide ready information about global issues.

We continue to welcome submissions to our listserv (as per Submissions Guidelines) , but there is so much going on in the Puget Sound area, that we can't possibility list everything nor in a timely manner. Thus, we want to alert you to good resources where you can find out more on your own. As this list grows, entries will be organized into ready reference categories. Please send your submissions to: